Friday, December 14, 2007

Moving on...

So much has happened since I last blogged - we have sold and completed on our house. We have been to and returned from the Caribbean where we did a 10 day cruise and I am on the way back to Cape Town and my wife and family.

Our house was basically a miracle sale - buyers offered, we accepted and put tight deadlines in place and they held up their part of the deal nicely. We completed bang on time and we couldn't be happier!

On the holiday side - we had the most amazing holiday.. that is seriously "the life". We had no real expectations before going on it, but it was just awesome. We saw Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados, St Kitts, St Thomas and Princess Cays. What a relaxing holiday - just what we wanted and needed! We went with and can't fault them - I'm sure experienced cruisers could but as far as we were concerned it was near perfect! I repeated said to my wife - it really doesn't get any better than this. What a life! We met some lovely people - two elderly sisters from Florida that had left their husbands at home and were clearly having a ball, Bruce(the barber) with his lovely wife Shirley, and four female friends from Toronto - Carol, Val, Barbs and I can't remember...

My wife returned to Cape Town on Monday, so I am alone here, the weather is crap and cold and I am missing her badly.. Just one week tomorrow until I climb on the plane and kick the salt of the sidewalk from my shoes :-).. counting sleeps.. 7 to go tomorrow..

We are ready to have another holiday for ~three weeks before I start my new(old) job! We will also start planning and building our house which has been in the "plan" for years..

Today, I heard on the radio that they are going to start giving the pill to twelve year old girls should they ask for it. It will be freely available from any pharmacy without the parents consent.. So now you have your local pharmacist deciding what's best for your kid.. What bullshit.. No wonder the youth in this country are in the state they're in.

On a really sad note - our friends dad is taking strain with cancer. It's just not fair and I battle to see what lesson comes from situations like this. It feels so helpless and we cannot do anything to help. My wife saw him last night and all she could say what - "it's heart-breaking".. We are praying for a miracle.

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rodney said...

Well glad to see you are blogging again - moanng at others when they take too long! Cape Town is hot and summery, beaches are waiting and the gym is prepped and ready! Enjoy the last few days of safety in the UK! Why don' u post some pics of your cruise? Cheers!