Saturday, November 10, 2007

And there's a glimmer of hope...

So, we have sold our house - yet again.. well in theory anyway. We have yet to exchange contracts and until the money's in the bank I am Mr Eeyore...

We have literally two weeks before we go on holiday now and we've taken a leap of faith and are moving our stuff back home one day before we exchange! Hopefully it all goes through and we can relax on this holiday.

Work is just unbelievable - I am leaving soon, but it's just not easing up.. working tonight and then part of the rest of the weekend.. Hopefully this will be the last. I really shouldn't care but if no-one else besides my direct boss seems to!

A few days ago we heard that a close friends father's cancer has returned. It really puts things in perspective. We worry about the biggest load of shit under the sun, but when all is said and done, not much of it matters does it? Apparently it's operable, so we're praying and holding thumbs for him.

Speaking to another friend, a friend of hers is in hospital with bleeding ulcers.. is it really worth it? His pushing seventy, still runs his own company and works like a Trojan.. I suppose the question is, what are the options - to sit in an old age home drooling and muttering to yourself? Maybe he's chosen the lesser of two evils.. ;-).. They're going to see how he goes and operate if the bleeding stops.

I know it's an age-old clich├ęd question, but I still can't understand why bad things happen to good people. It would be great if those conniving bastard criminals got there due, but they don't or at least not in this life anyway.. My friends Dad has only done good and helped people when and wherever possible. Maybe my boet will blog the reason for this?.. hint hint - like - I want to know why my mother-in-law is still around?..oops did I say that out loud.

Anyway.. enough happiness for one night - I need to get back to work. On the bright side - hey, hey, it's Friday!

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