Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back for good?... not quite..

We've been back in South Africa for just on two months and have come to the realisation that something’s aren't going to change here in SA. To be honest they're just getting worse.

The blatant arrogance of the ANC government including the disbanding of the scorpions (independent crime fighting unit), as well as a 50% increase in emigration in the last six months says it's time to leave for good.. The hijackings, literally down the road from us, murders and senseless violence... if you can't see the writing on the wall, you'd have to be blind, deaf and dumb...and I'm deaf (some would say dumb too ;-) ).. My feeling is of utter hopelessness, but how do you curb the endless cycle of poverty with a bunch of arrogant, self-serving, corrupt morons in control..

We are in some ways shattered - we have always dreamed of building our home and our life here in South Africa, but our family's safety is of utmost importance. We have applied for a skilled visa for Australia and failing that, will return to the UK.. As much as the UK's weather and attitude of the youth bug us, it's not the worst place to be, and the quality of life is good along with the opportunity to travel!

It is quite ironic - in my previous blog, I expressed my concerns with the fact the twelve year olds could get the pill in the UK, without any parental consent.. They just passed the same law here - need I say more.

All I want to do is put down roots and settle somewhere - I have a taproot hanging out of my backside, but even with that I still think this needs to be done.. We have my brother and his wife, her brother and wife and my folks on board with the move.. Even my father-in-law and my sister are also considering the move.. I just want to make sure we get the family out as soon as possible and (African) nature can take it's course here, just like it has in Zim.. The people I feel most for are the poor - they have no options..

Anyway, let me end on that happy note..

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