Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Still waiting... not so patiently

So, we have three weeks of work left before our cruise in the Caribbean, after which my wife, goes back to SA and I stay on to work for another two weeks before following..

Regarding the work issue, it's the oddest feeling - a cross between complete panic and numbness at the lack of control we have over our future. We just keep hoping and trying to believe that there's a plan somewhere in among the chaos.

We have yet to have another offer on our house - we've had a couple of viewings and they all say the same "you have a lovely house".... It makes me want to puke and say "you do know it's for sale don't you? Go figure. Yes, I know they're trying to be nice, but it would be nicer if they opened there wallet and made us an offer!

The support we've gotten from our family and friends has been great as usual and without them it would be even more difficult.. all the more reason to go home ;-).. It just makes us appreciate them all the more.. I'm going to end up in jail if my Dad passes away before me, he along with his PA( Mom ;-) ) looks after our tax and generally the running of our SA lives while we're living here...The taxman would be after my ass if it wasn't for him.. eish - it's just too confusing!

All I can say is that if our plane goes on the way to the US, I am going to be thoroughly PO. The last few months have been to say the least - pretty stressful. We both need a "do nothing" holiday and that's what it's hopefully going to be aside from one or days snorkeling and swimming with rays :-)..

The weather here is now winter and with the daylight-saving time change happening last Sunday, it's just about dark by 16h00.. what a lovely place to be..

...and so the happy story continues... ;-)

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rodney said...

Classic post! your reference to the people who say nice place and then just bugger off reminded me of my dad in law - an artist - he calls those people ODM's - Ooo Dis Mooi! but they never buy. Oxygen thieves, all of them.