Tuesday, October 02, 2007

At least Monday's over..

Thanks heavens Monday's over.. Admittedly, I've had worse, but it's always good to have it behind you.

Spoke to my brother this evening and a friends father passed away after a short battle with cancer. I say short, but to him and his family, it must have felt like forever. We met him just late last year. He was around 70 years old, but worked like a Trojan on his business and was so positive about life.. Life is short. Too short to worry about the shit we worry about like acquiring as many earthly possessions as possible.. This is not to say that it's pointless to have ambition and to work towards a better quality of life, but more to do with figuring out what "quality of life" means.. We have always been cautious and made reasonably good decisions financially, not too say we're wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but we're comfortable, at least by our humble standards. I often think of what I have contributed to the greater good of human life.. I work in a technology field and my job is as abstract as they come. I look at people who have contributed to saving lives, easing human suffering and actually make a difference to someones daily life and think to myself.. At the end of the day what will my life have meant? At the moment, I sorry to say - not much.

Hey, at least Monday's over.

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rodney said...

An uncle of mine once said that he never joined Rotary or any professional organisation because he didn't want to be labelled as a do-gooder - even though in his life, he has been. Just because your work has not been labelled, does not mean it hasn't been done. Legacy is both who you are / were and what you've done. Many of us involved in formal charity work do so because we need to learn to be charitable - it doesn't come naturally as it may and does come to you.