Friday, September 28, 2007

Hey, hey it's almost Friday..

Thank heavens it's almost the weekend.. Work has been manic for the past month, upgrades and more upgrades. I feel brain dead and exhausted and I can't seem to sleep properly.

It's strange how people affect your life without you actually intending for it to happen. When we came to this country, my initial intention was not to make real friends, but to travel and see as many places as possible. My working environment was incidental to the plan, but it didn't really turn out that way. I have made two genuinely good friends. One Indian lady living here together with her really genuinely good husband for 6 years, and an Irish lady married to a great English, rugby loving guy.. The rugby banter is great ;-).. Work permitting, we go for coffee almost daily, meeting my wife at lunch time at the local book/coffee shop.

It's almost become a ritual and a time of the day I have grown to love. Somehow, no matter how crappy the days been, the coffee and company soothes and seen my wife brightens my day..

Last week the one friend had a baby boy.. one week and one day old today :-). We saw him the day after he was born - absolutely perfect. Another chapter in their lives begins.

The other friend, has been trying to have a baby for as long as I've known her.. It seems so unfair how people who are indifferent to having children end up with them, and people who yearn for them cannot, for whatever reason have.. She's had two miscarriage's and is understandably shattered by them. Her family doesn't even support her and seem to engrossed in their own lives to give a shit.. If that was us, half our family would be on the plane to support us.. Life stinks that way.

My wife and I never always agreed on the children issue, but sorted our differences out by compromising, before we got married. It confuses me how people just don't bother to discuss things like that.. I suppose, then again, to some people marriage is nothing more than a casual convenience.. go figure...

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