Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back after five years

So, after 5 years of registering this blog, I have finally decided to start publishing my rambling and rants. Not sure why, as it no-one will probably read it anyway, but somehow it gets it off my chest. Before I start, I'll apologise for my amateur writing style, I don't profess to be and probably never will a descent writer - I'm just here to tell my story..

Where do I start.. well I am 33, happily married and a Cape Townian living in the UK (for now).. The idea was to do the UK for a few years and see where we got to, in terms of travel and life experience(yes - all to cliché). Somehow living away from our families has redefined what is important and what's just "noise" for us. In many ways I think my wife and I have grown so much closer and independent in our thinking.. It's not that we weren't allowed free thinking at home, but living here has opened our perspective somehow.

Even after living here for almost two and a half years, we are still really close to our families.. My brother and I used to gym daily together and are still best friends.. It's the weirdest thing, but against the odds and distance, we still talk almost daily. Being human, we don't appreciate what we have until it's taken away, and I struggle to conceive how people can survive years and years of family feuds or just resign themselves to merely tolerate each other.. What is the point of our existence, without loving or been loved by other people?

Ok, enough puke for now...

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rodney said...

Just a comment about your making excuses for your writing - the family prefers your writing to mine - they find me too depressing. I say they can kiss my butt.