Friday, October 12, 2007

Heading towards shit street...

People say time flies when you're having fun... I think it also flies when you're heading towards shit street at breakneck speed.

Well, at least we have some hope of selling our house - we have a viewing on Saturday, not to say that they'll even offer or, if they do, pullout a day before exchange as the last clowns just did. What a crap system... and we thought SA was a third world country!

On a positive note - yes I have one - we went to Grand Designs show ( last Friday and besides getting some good ideas for our house we hope to build (when some numpty buys our one in the UK), we met Sarah Beeny ( and Must say she is very cool ;-) and like she probably says to everyone she meets - she asked why we don't come onto her show? :-) Depending on how arse-up this sale goes, maybe we will!

Have I mentioned it's almost Friday... and England play France and SA play Argentina :-)...

That's all for now... roll on Friday

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