Sunday, October 23, 2011

Building contract signed - woo-hoo

As most of you probably know, about 18 months ago , we bought a block of land in a development called Bingara Gorge , Wilton, NSW. It's been a rollercoaster ride, sorting out our block in SA and finalising our plans... So, finally, we have signed our building contract.

Our block of land in SA has been sold and completed and we are on the way to building our version of "our dream house".. It's probably very different to most people's idea of a dream home but we've been wanting to build as long as I can remember and to us, this will hopefully be our "final" house :-)..

The builder we decided to use is Urbanstylehomes. We had a look at the "big" builders, but to be honest, Product review, scared us off, so we went looking for local builders that had a good reputation amongst the local community. Mersina and Alex, the design consultants, are two of the most patient people we've ever met. To give you an idea, we've drawn plans three times, yep, three times from scratch! K and I had very specific ideas about what we wanted and didn't want and they have been absolutely fantastic to work with!

My aim is to post on a regular basis through the build, but I've said that before and we all know how that went down! I'll try to change my track record with this one..

On an aside note, we realised we'd left our front door unlocked for three days... and all our stuff is still here.

Going to G this afternoon to watch the rugby - should be a good one!


rodney said...

Where are the updates on your building? and Pics?

Anonymous said...

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