Monday, August 10, 2009

Hartenbos.. last visit for a while ...

We finally received our PR visa for Aus last month and are due to fly out on the 30 August.. Suddenly the months of waiting are past and the impeding "deadline" is looming!

My brother and his wife left on the 3 August for Sydney and seem to already have settled quite nicely. He starts his job tomorrow and his wife will continue her job hunting, this time from within Aus.

Life seems to be flying by and so much needs to be done in such a little time. I will be working up to the day before we fly, so I'm lucky to have a very efficient PA ;-) to organise everything!

As a last get away with our friends C&M, we decided to visit Hartenbos for the last time for a while.. We took a drive to the Cango Wildlife Ranch and I have posted some pics I took..


rodney said...

Where are the posts????? or at least pictures Mr Photographer?

Selina said...

Please, please we would appreciate a post before you start the pj patrol job. Thanks in anticipation!